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Pennsylvania Nonprofit Handbook - 9th Edition

Nonmember Rate: $34.95+ $3.50 shipping & handling + $2.30 sales tax
Member Rate: $29.95+ $3.50 shipping & handling + $2.00 sales tax

This Handbook was published with the help of more than two-dozen nonprofit executives and attorneys. Each chapter includes a synopsis, useful tips and resources to obtain more information. This essential reference tool includes:

• Information about current laws, court decisions and regulations which apply to PA nonprofits
• Practical advice on running a nonprofit, including chapters on communications, fundraising, lobbying, personnel, fiscal management, nonprofit ethics, writing effective grant applications, hiring and firing,using Internet resources, strategic planning and 16 other chapters
• Information on applying successfully for federal and state tax-exempt status
• Mission and Vision statements
• Nonprofit E-Commerce

Standards for Excellence Code Books and Educational Resources

Code Books: Great for board and staff! Pay online for one book by clicking above and searching for "code."

How do I access the Standards for Excellence Education Packets?

How to Shop for Standards Educational Resource Packets:

1. Login to PANO's database (please login using your individual account and not the organizations account.)

2. Select the Online Store, from the drop-down navigation at the top. Select Standards for Excellence Educational Resource Packets from the Product Types drop-down menu and click Search. You can also search for an Educational Resource Packet using the Keywords Search Bar.

3. Choose a Packet by clicking on the name. When the details page displays, click Add to Cart. You can add additional packets or other items to your cart by clicking Continue Shopping.

4. When you have added all the items you wish to download or purchase to your shopping cart, click Check Out.

How To Access My Downloaded/Purchased Educational Resource Packets:

1. After checking out, on the thank you page, click on the click here link. This will open the Your Order page and have a link to Download.

2. You will also receive an email with the download link.

3. To access the educational resource packet at a later date, you can select My Orders from the drop-down navigation at the top. Click View beside the transaction and this will open the Your Order page and have a link to Download.

Please note: all Standards for Excellence® materials are copyrighted. PANO goes by the honor code and requests that downloaded Standards for Excellence® materials not be shared with any other organization(s) other than your own. Should another organization be interested in the materials, we ask that you please have them contact PANO staff:717-236-8584.

GrantStation Members only Special Pricing

GrantStation GrantStation Members only Special PricingPANO is pleased to offer GrantStation as a discounted member benefit! Members pay only $75/year, which is 90% off their regular price of $699/year and less than any of their promotional rates.

A GrantStation Membership can help you create a successful grants strategy for this year and beyond.

  • Search for new grantmakers to add to your funder portfolio.
  • Write better proposals from tips in their articles.
  • Learn how to develop your annual grantseeking plan with their tutorials.
  • Read their newsletter of timely grant opportunities, delivered to your email inbox each week.

Check out their Member Benefits page for more about their offerings.

Watch the GrantStation Member Benefit Spotlight to tour and see how this tool can support your mission!

Sign up today and let GrantStation help you to secure your share of funding in the coming year!

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