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When you join PANO, your nonprofit automatically becomes a member of the nation’s largest network of nonprofits through the National Council of Nonprofits, giving your staff and board access to insights from across the country on national trends, research, proven practices, and time and money-saving resources that are tailored for charitable nonprofits.

Membership in PANO means that your nonprofit has access through its national network to the most up-to-date information on effective practices for charitable nonprofits, trends that cross state borders, and issues that could impact nonprofits here in Pennsylvania, such as:

- Shifts in the philanthropic environment, such as the latest news on possible limits to the charitable giving incentive;

- Changes in government regulations, policies, and contracting practices;

- Threats to charitable nonprofits stemming from state taxes, fees, and demands for payments in lieu of taxes; and

- Practices that can distinguish your nonprofit as ethical and accountable.

It also means that your nonprofit is part of the collective voice of charitable nonprofits, ensuring that governments, media, philanthropy, and the public understand the important work our sector undertakes every day to meet community needs:

- By joining PANO, your membership dues help ensure that the voices of charitable nonprofits are at the table so that public policy decisions benefit communities and individuals served by charitable nonprofits.

- Your voice, joined with more than 26,000 other charitable nonprofits, also helps ensure that government officials remember to include the perspective of charitable nonprofits as they are crafting laws, regulations, and policy decisions that affect how your nonprofit operates.

Join our vision for a vibrant, thriving community where people realize their highest aspirations. Join PANO today!

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