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Full range of business products for nonprofits including Automobile, Directors & Officers Liability, Unemployment, Fidelity Bonding, General Liability, Professional Liability, Property, and Volunteer & Participant Accident, and Workers Comp. Learn more about Domenick & Associates!

Health Insurance: Health Alliance for Nonprofits

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"Leg Up Farm has been a member of PANO since 2008. They offer several benefits which have been beneficial to our organization. I have nothing but good things to say about the Nonprofit Health (Insurance) Alliance whose broker, JRG Advisors, provides phenomenal customer service." Deanna Croucher, Business Manager, Leg Up Farm

HANP participants gain access to many resources, all under one umbrella. Resources include group and individual health insurance; dental and vision coverage; Medicare options; voluntary benefits; community representation; Human Resources tools; and business services and coverages. Learn more about HANP!

Unemployment Insurance Alternative for Nonprofits

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Program Description

PANO endorses First Nonprofit Group and their unemployment savings products to help members save money on their unemployment costs. Instead of paying the state unemployment tax, 501(c)(3) organizations can elect to reimburse the state for validated claims paid to former employees, dollar for dollar. This often translates into savings of as much as 60% of your unemployment costs. First Nonprofit Group offers programs for nonprofits that are designed to allow the organization to enjoy the reduced costs of reimbursing without exposing their budgets to unnecessary risk. Each program meets the needs of different size organizations with different budgetary goals. If your organization is a 501(c)(3) with at least 10 employees, one of these programs may save you money.

A few of the many highlights of First Nonprofit’s programs:

- Unemployment insurance savings of as much as 60%

- Two cost savings programs to choose from depending on your organization’s needs

- PANO members receive a 20% discount on the one-time enrollment fee

- Improves cash flow by billing in four equal quarterly installments

- Unemployment claims administration services included

- Training opportunities on employer responsibilities and risk mitigation

- Free Cost-Savings Evaluation conducted by First Nonprofit Group

Click here for a summary of First Nonprofit Groups unemployment services and their benefits.

Only 501(c)(3) organizations and government entities can elect to become reimbursing organizations. This program works best for organizations with 10 or more employees.

Currently, nearly 300 nonprofits in the State of Pennsylvania and 1,600 nonprofits across the country are enrolled in FNG programs and are enjoying savings and administrative benefits. Since 1998 they have saved PA members over $19 Million over their previous unemployment costs. Learn more about how much members have saved with FNG and see sample savings case studies. Also, check out our fact sheet on Pennsylvania unemployment trends.

Getting Started
To find out how much your agency can save each year, fill out this free evaluation application from First Nonprofit Group and fax it back to 312-239-8368.

To find out more information on First Nonprofit Group's Unemployment Programs and how to get a free savings evaluation, email or call 800-526-4352 ext. 398388.