Public Policy

PANO is a statewide leader on public policy issues that broadly impact Pennsylvania’s nonprofit sector. We monitor changes in Federal and State legislation and regulations that impact the sector. PANO typically engages issues of:

Tax exempt status

Charitable giving legislation

Unfair competition

How charities are governed

Case by case on other bills that might have a material effect on charities in a global way

PANO will consider issues on nonprofit governance (transparency & accountability), advocacy (and lobbying), charitable tax exemptions (property tax, sales tax, income tax), volunteerism, and fundraising (and funding).

PANO shares public policy information and “Action Alerts” when immediate action is needed. PANO offers public policy training, workshops and webinars on advocacy, lobbying, lobbying disclosure, and pending legislation, as well as legislative briefings and town hall meetings. Specialized training is available upon request.

Other PANO initiatives include the Pennsylvania Nonprofit Caucus. By sharing new laws, regulations, initiatives, and research with nonprofit organizations, PANO connects nonprofits to government, to the general public and to the entire community benefit sector. In a word, public policy is leadership and it is PANO's intention to be the leader on global sector issues.

Get Out the Vote

Remember to vote on November 4th! Encourage your staff, volunteers and those you serve to make their voices heard! For more on nonpartisan get-out-the-vote and the benefits of voting visit Nonprofit Vote.