Getting Started on Accreditation

The Standards for Excellence Accreditation process provides a proven structure and support for your organization to put all of the Standards operations and governance practices in place. Organizations that have completed Accreditation say that the process is transformative, providing a means to creating more engaged boards and a strong foundation for achieving mission.

In 2015 PANO is rolling out the 2.0 version of the Standards for Excellence Ethics and Accountability Code along with new educational resources. Organizations planning to submit an application for accreditation or basics approval in 2015 will submit under the 1.0 version in the online application process (see below.) As of 2016 all organizations will submit under the 2.0 version.

Getting started:

1)Complete a Self-Assessment to see the Standards you currently have in place and those that can benefit the work you do! Create an account on the Standards for Excellence Website (under "category" choose Pennsylvania Applicants). Once your account is created, fill out the Self Assessment Form. Or download the Self-Assessment Checklist.

2) Now that you have created your account and completed the Self-Assessment, you can apply for Accreditation or Basic Recognition! Sign into the Standards for Excellence Online Accreditation Application and follow the instructions. Need more help? Check out the detailed instruction guide.

3) Download the Application Starter Kit (below).

4) Interested in exploring Accreditation for your organization? Contact Tish Mogan at PANO: 717-236-8584.

Why Adopt and Ethics and Accountability Program:
The National Council of Nonprofits' Tim Delaney calls on nonprofits to create a culture of ethics by adopting an accountability program. Find out why

Accreditation Application Starter Kit

Accreditation Renewal Application

Annual Checklist

Each year, we send the Standards for Excellence Annual Checklist to all Accredited organizations as a guideline for areas to review to continually meet the Standards for Excellence code. Whether or not you’re a Standards Accredited organization, the checklist covers items important for all organizations to regularly review.

Peer Reviewer Information

Become a Peer Reviewer for the Standards for Excellence Accreditation Program!

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