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About PANO

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Mission - PANO amplifies the impact of the community benefit sector through advocacy, collaboration, learning and support.

Vision - PANO envisions vibrant, thriving communities where people reach their fullest potential.

Core Values

Collaboration: We work as a team, internally and externally.

Courage: We try new things boldly—viewing “failures” as learning opportunities.

Curiosity: We ask good questions and listen well.

Equity and Inclusion: We seek to engage all people and organizations in our work.

Impact: We focus on results that matter.

Integrity: We build trust by doing what we say we will do.

Responsiveness and Flexibility: We meet people where they are.

Vision-Focused Decision Making: We start decision making with the end goal in mind.

About Us

PANO is the statewide membership organization serving and advancing the nonprofit sector through advocacy, collaboration, education and other services in order to improve the overall quality of life in Pennsylvania. PANO exists to support the incredible work of the nonprofit sector and highlight the critical role nonprofits serve. By coming together and recognizing our collective value, Pennsylvania communities and the power to do good will thrive.

PANO offers a number of membership benefits to amplify your voice, build your capacity, connect you with other nonprofit leaders and leverage your resources to save you time and money.

We believe nonprofits matter and the incredible work that you do makes our communities stronger. We thank you!

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In 2014 Anne Gingerich, PANO's Executive Director, traveled around Pennsylvania to learn about the strengths, resources and needs of communities around the state.

Based on what we heard on the Listening Tour, we created a new Strategic plan to better walk alongside you in your work. The plan is based on five Strategic Priorities: Advocacy, Collaboration, Compelling Communication, Learning and Support. Check out the Strategic Plan Summary for more information!

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PANO is here to serve you in any way we can. Call us with your nonprofit questions or to chat about PANO. Contact PANO staff.

PANO is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. The official registration and financial information of Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free within Pennsylvania 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

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4801 Lindle Road, Harrisburg, PA 17111
Phone: (717) 236-8584

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