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PANO is the statewide membership organization serving and advancing the nonprofit sector through advocacy, collaboration, education and other services in order to improve the overall quality of life in Pennsylvania. PANO exists to support the incredible work of the nonprofit sector and highlight the critical role nonprofits serve. By coming together and recognizing our collective value, Pennsylvania communities and the power to do good will thrive.

PANO offers a number of membership benefits to amplify your voice, build your capacity, connect you with other nonprofit leaders and leverage your resources to save you time and money.

We believe nonprofits matter and the incredible work that you do makes our communities stronger. We thank you!

Listening to PA

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In 2014 Anne Gingerich, PANO's Executive Director, traveled around Pennsylvania to learn about the strengths, resources and needs of communities around the state. And, to learn how we can walk alongside you in the great work you are already doing to build thriving communities.

Thank you to everyone who has welcomed us, opened your hearts and shared your communities with us!

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Check out our Listening Tour Infographic and Reports

Based on what we heard on the Listening Tour, we created a new Strategic plan to better walk alongside you in your work. The plan is based on five Strategic Priorities: Advocacy, Collaboration, Compelling Communication, Learning and Support. Check out the Strategic Plan Summary for more information!

How We Got Here

PANO has been in existence since July 1984. Originally known as the Delaware Valley Council of Agencies (DVCA), the name changed in 1992 when we reorganized as a statewide advocacy organization. PANO moved to Pittsburgh around 1990, and opened a computer lab. The organization went dormant sometime around January of 1994.

1995: PANO was reorganized through the financial and motivational leadership of the Huston Foundation of Conshohocken and the Stewart Huston Charitable Trust of Coatesville. A new Board was recruited and staff was hired to open an office in Harrisburg. A Pennsylvania Economy League study, commissioned by PANO in 1990, served as a roadmap for the setting of priorities.

1995-1997: PANO demonstrated advocacy leadership by facilitating the charity coalition (Charities Build Communities) for passage of Pennsylvania Act 55 of 1997, the Purely Public Charities Act. Pennsylvania's Act 55 incorporated the Federal law for charitable exemptions, with a unique set of Pennsylvania specific requirements. This landmark legislation went on to become a model for other states as they addressed issues around tax exemption and unfair competition issues.

1998-1999: PANO provided a 501(c)(3) umbrella to the BuildPEN Partnership from April 1998 through September 1999. BuildPEN was a partnership of teachers and businesses that wired Pennsylvania schools to the Internet.

2001–2002: PANO became a replication partner for the Standards for Excellence, an Ethics and Accountability program for the nonprofit sector. PANO launched its Standards for Excellence training and certification program for charities.

2004: PANO was awarded the Standards for Excellence Seal of Excellence from the National Institute.

2008: PANO held it's first Pennsylvania Nonprofit Congress. Over 150 delegates gathered at the Capitol in Harrisburg for a day long session of choosing the agenda for the nonprofit sector in PA.

2009: PANO formed and convened a bipartisan Pennsylvania Nonprofit Caucus to address statewide policy issues. PANO was a leader in introducing legislation to increase the volunteer mileage reimbursement rate.

2011: Standards for Excellence introduces its tiered approach to certification.

2013: Anne Gingerich, MSW, was hired as PANO's Executive Director. PANO assumed sponsorship of the Health Alliance for Nonprofits.

2014: PANO launched the Listening To PA, Listening Tour to learn about the strengths, resources and needs of Pennsylvania communities and nonprofit sector.

2015: PANO released the Standards for Excellence 2.0, the 2015 PA Nonprofit Salary and Benefit Report and the Stand for Pennsylvanians Campaign (a result of the prolonged State Budget Impasse. PANO also held it's largest collaborative conference, with over 350 people in attendance.

2016: PANO rolled out a new regional program model, Courageous Conversations, and studied the impact the State Budget Impasse had on the nonprofit sector.

2017: PANO held its largest conference to date in partnership with the Community Action Association of Pennsylvania and Alliance for Nonprofit Resources, with over 400 attendees. PANO developed its first-ever advocacy agenda for the 2017- 2018 Legislative Session and provided opportunities for member engagement on federal and state level policy issues.

PANO currently employs five full-time staff and several regular volunteers and interns. There are 15 board members and eight members of the Emeritus Society. Currently, PANO has over 960 members and over 50 organizations hold the Seal of Excellence. Our members provide a wide array of services and represent various regions of the state.

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