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One of PANO's goals is to connect nonprofits to government. We believe that nonprofits can and should participate in advocacy and public policy efforts that affect our organizations, communities and the people we serve. Nonprofit votes count, and our sector is a powerful voting force. When we vote with our mission we advance our causes and change the world.

In order for us to vote with your missions, we asked all of Pennsylvania's candidates running for state and federal office to talk about their experiences with and ideas for the nonprofit sector as well as their top policy priorities.

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PANO has asked all 427 candidates running for office in 2018 to participate in this survey, 34 responded. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, PANO cannot and will not support or oppose candidates for office or coordinate activities with political campaigns. Thus, we will not use responses to make endorsements or campaign contributions; responses are for informational purposes only. The goal is to educate candidates by making them aware of the impact and potential of the nonprofit sector, and to educate voters by sharing information directly from candidates on how they would strengthen the sector if elected.

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